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Holy Name of Jesus Parish wedding photography | Van and Won

She’s from San Francisco, he’s from Seattle. They first started chatting on Xanga, that old blogging platform from back in the day. When Won flew down from Seattle to meet her for the first time, Van wasn’t at the airport to pick him up as she promised! He called her cell phone — no response. He called several more times, and still no response. Was she really going to stand him up, after he had gotten on a plane to see her?? Frustrated, he contemplated whether he should get on the next flight home, or stay in the city and make up a story for his friends about how things didn’t work out.

Meanwhile, Van was still at home, groggily waking up from a nap. What time was it? She reached for her phone … and there was sudden panic! She had missed her alarm, missed the time she was supposed to be at the airport, missed Won’s multiple calls! Heart racing, she started dialing his number …

And this is just one of many humorous (in retrospect) experiences this lovely couple has shared, and they’ve gone far in the years since then. There is no doubt they will have a life of happiness together, and we wish them the very best! 🙂


Photography: Junshien, Megan; Junshien International Photographers
Ceremony Venue: Holy Name of Jesus Parish
Reception Venue: Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant
Wedding planner/coordinator: Charmed Events Group
Floral Design: Vo Floral Designs
Makeup/Hair: Vanity Pham
Bakery: Jenny L.
Videography: Root Bound Productions
DJ: Spintronix
Paebaek: The Hong Family

Won’s heartfelt card brought laughter and tears.

Van bought Won a custom-tailored shirt and suit for their wedding day!

 Most of Won’s groomsmen were his childhood friends who flew all the way from Seattle to celebrate with him.

Partway through the day, Van changed into a gorgeous pink dress.

They got married at Van’s childhood church, Holy Name of Jesus Parish in San Francisco.

Won carried her down, but Van would later walk up those steps in her heels!

Don’t you just love the fluttering pieces of chiffon on Van’s train?!

Their reception was at Grand Palace Seafood Restaurant. They truly transformed the place!

Van and Won’s wedding was nothing short of a celebration.  Surrounded by friends and family, they laughed and cried and laughed some more. Van and Won incorporated aspects of their deep value for family and culture into the details of their wedding day, from honoring her late father in their wedding video to having a traditional korean ceremony at their reception.

During the reception, Won’s groomsman began his toast with what seemed like a roast of Won, but quickly turned to one of the most touching speeches we’ve heard.  He spoke of Won’s persistence and how he was confident Won would demonstrate that same resolve in his marriage by constantly loving and supporting Van.

* * * * * * *

2013 locations: Kona, Hawaii; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; New York City, NY; Austin, TX; Vancouver, Canada; Edmonton, Canada; Vancouver, Australia; Adelaide, Australia; Penang, Malaysia; Hanoi, Vietnam; more to be added …

2012 locations: New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; Honolulu, Hawaii; Pasadena; Wichita; Philadelphia; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Portland; Melbourne, Australia; New Zealand; Vancouver

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