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Where do all the singles live??

Ladies, are you wondering where all the unattached single guys live? Guys, are you frustrated with the lack of eligible single girls in your area? Well, I have good news and bad news.

First, the good news: somebody has taken data from the US Census Bureau and created a nifty little interactive map of singles in major metropolitan areas. The map is adjusted for local population, and you can actually play around with the age range to see which cities around the US have a higher population of, say, single guys between the ages of 25-29. So if you are single, you’ll now know where to move!

Next, the bad news, which really could be good news depending on which side of the aisle you’re on: Guys, when you complain that the odds are stacked against you …  you’re right. And it’s not just in “Man Jose.” It’s everywhere. LA, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, or Boston, it doesn’t matter—statistics are not on the side of your dating life.

Click on the diagram below, check out the website, and play with the slider! It’s actually pretty entertaining.

population of singles in the US

What do you all think?

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Guys, it looks like we need to step up our game! Are you the kind of person the woman of your dreams would want to spend the rest of her life with? If not, in what areas of your life do you need to man up? (I know I still have plenty to work on.)

Girls, unless you’re over 45 (in which case it might be time to bring out the inner cougar 😉 ) … please stop complaining that you have it tougher than guys. You don’t. Also, like a Gawker article said “singles map means ladies get to have standards again.” hardy har har

Girls and guys, when you have found each other … you know who to call. I do wedding photography anywhere there is a blue, red, or grey spot. =D

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  • Hahaha, hilarious! Thanks for this.ReplyCancel

  • Ted

    nice!! I am near the epicenter for single women!!ReplyCancel

  • LOL. what a plug. hahahhaReplyCancel

  • too bad I live near sunnymale and man jose. =(ReplyCancel

  • jeanny

    this is pretty hilarious. look at those two teenie red spots on the map.ReplyCancel

  • yanni

    holy crap! i need to move to the US!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my…good thing I am already married. Ha ha ha…you said it is easier for the women but I would fathom to guess they are thinking, “Sure there are a lot of single guys out there but there are not enough “quality” single guys out there.” =P Good luck all you singles. And I agree with Lynn, nice plug.ReplyCancel

  • Natalia

    this is hillarious! =DReplyCancel

  • lol get a 5″7 girl for kai kai from Taiwan haha
    junshien, move to utah.babahhahahaha jk
    welp, this makes me not one of the blue dots at least =)ReplyCancel

  • Your map can’t be right… if this is correct, there should be more men than women in the US, which is… untrue…
    Couple points of data:



    The second link is the more interesting one, with regards to this issue.

    Take note of the graph looking at gender ratios by age brackets… By age 24 there are more females than males in the year 1990, by 34 in the year 2000. If you look at the distribution map, it doesn’t match the so-called derived data in xoxo’s map. Xoxo claims to be using census data, but that just doesn’t make sense.

    If there are n men and m women, and x are married, then n-x/m-x = the ratio of singles, male to female. Above 1 is male predominant, below 1 is female predominant.

    Biologically, there are more males at birth, and this number drops over time. The death rate for men exceeds women throughout life, typically, after birth-mortality has improved with the advent of modern OBGYN.

    Recent data has suggested that birth rates for males has decreased, and in some areas is now below 50% of live births, which reverses a well documented pattern over the last several hundred years (and probably before that, but accurate census data for pre-modern is hard to get). Some have hypothesized changes in stress patterns, environmental toxins, radiation as well as lifestyle pattern changes. Bottom line is unknown, but should the trend continue, overall oversupply of females may increase in the next generation.

    Unless infant sacrifice becomes more mainstream, vis a vis PRC habits, that has approached a 54% male population ratio. Not good for societal stability, by the way…ReplyCancel

    • Junshien

      @Polymath: Dear Ferd, you genius is staggering, but I will muster a paltry attempt to keep up with your brilliant analysis. Even so, I remain rather confused.

      The national atlas article states that “Up to age 24, the male-female ratios were about 105, reflecting the fact that more boys than girls are born every year and that boys continue to outnumber girls through early childhood and young adulthood. The male-female ratio dropped gradually in the working age groups, from 105.1 in the age group 15 to 24 years to 92.2 for the age group 55 to 64.”

      Isn’t this reflected in Jonathan Soma’s map? After the age of 35, we do see far more women than men. Also, the map is an analysis of data of SINGLES only, whereas your two articles look at the overall male-female population. If in general, there are more male births, men marry younger women, and men die out faster … then we shouldn’t we be seeing a sausage fest until around middle age (though the imbalance isn’t THAT excessive, considering that 40 extra single males per 1000 singles is only 4%), after which the single women outnumber the single men?ReplyCancel

  • lol. thanks for sharing this.ReplyCancel

  • maria

    bahaha. my friends would LOVE this.ReplyCancel

  • […] “Where do all the singles live??” If you’re single, you’ve had this discussion more times than you can count. Where are all the quality girls? What are all the good men? An interesting look at the statistics, along with a nifty interactive graph. […]ReplyCancel

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